How to use aws lightsail ssh key in filezilla or cyberduck

In this article we are telling about how to use AWS lightsail’s ssh key in filezilla and cyberduck.

It is not very difficult but it is a bit difficult for the beginners.

For this you have to open filezilla and click on top menu

FIle > Site Manager > Click to New Site

protocol section > SFTP

Host section > Your host name (Static IP)

Logon Type > Key File

USER > username

Key File > SSh Key

now click to connect Button

Sometimes File Zilla does not access all files, for this you have to use another FTP client.

Now let us see how SSH key is used in Cyber ​​Duck.

Open Cyber duck You have to click on the + icon in the footer.

After this a popup bar will open In this also you have to enter the host name (Static IP) in the server

Username > Add Username

SSH Private Key > Use SSh Key

Now you can close popup window and access your save conection in connection save area and double click to your save conection

In bottom side we have add video to show how to connect ssh key in both ftp client

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